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Warehouse Orientation

← Watch the Video

In this video, you'll find information about the company for which you'll be providing services as a contractor for Rising Staff. We recommend reviewing it carefully, and if you have any questions, please contact your recruiter.

 Dress code →

Please review the dress code images:

  • Coat must be worn ✅

  • Wear slip-resistant, steel-toed shoes

  • ake precautions as you will be working in a cold environment

  • Do not wear ripped pants ❌

  • Do not wear piercings or jewelry ❌

 Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness→

Please review the dress code images:

  • Proper Mask Wearing ✅

  • Hair: Protective must be worn in the production area at All times.✅

  • NO false eyelashes or lash extensiones are allow ❌ 

  • Fingernails: No nail polish or false fingernails are permitted in production areas.❌

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